Sermons on Revelation

Sermons on Revelation

Communion and the Forgiveness of Sins

In this Communion service message, Christ announces to the disciples 4 new experiences that would be unique compared to any experience they had to that point in their lives. He speaks of a new peace, new mission, a new ministry of the Holy Spirit, and a new authority to declare sins forgiven. The forgiveness of sins is at the heart of the gospel message. (Power Point)

The Tribulation Period

Grace is a part of the character of God that makes it possible for God to act towards sinners in ways they don’t deserve. While it is true that Grace and Love are a part of God’s character, it is also true that God is a holy God full of justice and righteousness. His justice demands that sinners are held accountable. The tribulation period begins a dark time when…

Jesus is Coming Again

Revelation 4 – John paints a scene in heaven where the Lamb of God is being stirred and roused to do something.   He is poised to display the same control on earth that is obvious to all the angels and elders in heaven now.  Christ has redeemed a people by His blood out of every nation on earth.  He has made them priests and kings.  As priests and kings they…
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