Sermons by Wayne Hart

Sermons by Wayne Hart

Grasshoppers Everywhere

In the first few verses of the first chapter of Joel, Joel describes a plague of locust that ate everything in site. It leaves everyone reeling including the livestock. This message explores the question: “Why do bad things happen at all?” (Power Point)

Understand Biblical Ethics

Using the Acrostic, “Build Up”, we use this memory devise to help us remember the various aspects of the “Work of Ministry” (Ephesians 4:12). We start with the letter B, Believe. Taking on the work of ministry seeing disciples come to trust in Christ for salvation and daily living. The letter U, Understand Biblical Ethics. Taking on the work of…

I Will Build My Church

This message lays the foundation for a brand new series at WCBC. It is a series designed to ramp up the vision of the saints for the work of Jesus Christ through West Clarksville Baptist Church. It is a series designed to sharpen the focus of the church by focusing on what Christ is asking us to do as a church. What is it that we do, and when we do it so well, we end up…