Sermons from March 2020

Sermons from March 2020

Joseph – Farewell

Genesis 47-50 – In these chapters we come to the death of Jacob and we come to the death of Joseph.  Both men give final farewell words.  In those words we learn something of Joseph’s hope.    In this message we explore what Joseph’s words teach us about hope.  (Power Point)

Joseph – Provider

Genesis 46-47 – In this message we see yet another way that God places Joseph in a unique position to model something about His own character.  Abraham gave a name for God during his experience of sacrificing Isaac, his only son.  When God provided a ram caught in the thicket, he called God, “I AM the provider.”  This is constant lesson Israel had to…

Joseph Forgiveness

Genesis 43-45  This message focuses on the act of forgiveness demonstrated by Joseph in parts of chapters 43 through 45.  Joseph clearly demonstrates forgiveness.  In this message we look at what forgiveness is and then we match that up with the actions of Joseph.   (Power Point)