Sermons on Communion

Sermons on Communion

Communion and Prophecy

Matthew 26:26-30 – At the very first observation of the communion memorial service, Christ told His disciples that He would not observe this service together with them until that day when He drinks it new them them in His Father’s kingdom.  This message connects the communion service with prophecy.

Jesus, Friend and Brother

John 20:11-18 – This is a message in preparation for serving communion in August.  This is the first time in the gospel of John that Jesus uses a particular term in relationship to His disciples.  Was it an intentional shift after the what was accomplished on the cross?  This message explores that question.

Reconciled in Christ

Colossians 1:19-23 –  “…That in all things, He may have the preeminence.”  This creator of all things has a rebellion on His hand.  His ability to reconcile all things further solidifies His rightful place as first.  It brings glory to God and is the ultimate expression of the gospel message.  (Power Point)

The Cup of Communion

John 18:8-11 – Jesus refers to a cup in this section and the cup seems to be an experience that God has ordained and designed for Christ’s participation.  Drinking the cup seems to be Christ accepting the designed experience with all of it’s ramifications and effects.  In this message we explore an application:  Paul says communion is “The cup of…

Beware of Passing Over the Passover

Numbers 9:1-14 – Moses receives additional instructions for a “make up” Passover for those who couldn’t participate the first time, as well as clarification for Gentile participation.  These additional instructions are not given however until Israel is first reminded to keep the Passover.  Why the reminder?  Israel had already been told to keep the…


John 18:1-9 – As the collision of the cross and Christ nears, Johns paints a picture of a man on a mission who is in complete control of every detail on the mission.  John will make it clear this is not an ambush; this is a charge.  This is not an accident; every detail is planned.  This is not defeat; it is a means to victory.    Come away from this message with a…
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