The Book of Numbers

The Book of Numbers

Count Your Blessings

Numbers 34 – Some of the tribes of Israel have just asked for and received an inheritance on the east side of the Jordan.  There was a danger in this however.  Would the whole nation be satisfied with less than what God intended to give them and would they  fail to cross over the Jordan to take the land, again?  This tension was worked out peacefully but Moses kept…

What About Me?

Numbers 27 – Moses and a few others are faced with some questions and Moses doesn’t immediately know the answer.  What does he do about it?  Some simple advise when we are faced with questions in life and we don’t know the answers.  (Power Point)

Number Crunching

Numbers 26 – The future seems so uncertain and unpredictable.  40 years from now what will be lasting?  40 years from now on what could you count?  Will there be anything you can do about it?  Where should we put our hope?  Almost 40 years have gone by in the wilderness wanderings .  Another census is taken of Israel’s eligible men to go to war.  How have…