Wayne Hart

Wayne Hart

Our shepherd, Pastor Wayne Hart, was saved at the age of 11 in a church on Bainbridge Island, a small island outside of Seattle, Washington. He felt God calling him to be a pastor when he was in high school and has followed that passion and calling for 30 years. As a shepherd, his flock knows him as a man of integrity, grace, and humility. He has a love and passion for counseling and has been gifted with a listening ear and compassionate heart, both of which make him easy to talk with and very approachable. He has a profound knowledge of the Scriptures and presents sermons that are God-inspired, yet easy to understand. He is joined in ministry by his wife, Donna. They work as a team and exemplify what it means to be Biblically one. They share a love for people and involve themselves in the lives of their congregation.

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