Sermons from April 2018

Sermons from April 2018

Responding to Testing

James 1:1-5  –  This is a message preached by Anthony Juma, a pastor from Kenya Africa, in the Sunday Morning service at West Clarksville Baptist Church. Pastor Juma was in James 1:1-5 and preached on God’s purpose in trials and testings.

Home of the Brave

Numbers 13:26-14:10 – This is a back and forth intense debate between Joshua and Caleb who argue for proceeding to the promised land and the 10 other spies who argue it can’t be done.  This passage gives us insight into the characteristics and qualities of the brave (whom God blesses) and cowards (whom God judges).  (Power Point)

The Walk of Obedience

Numbers 13 & 14 – This is a Resurrection Sunday message that included both a baptism and communion service.  The message explains some of the symbolism of Christian Baptism.  First, is the hope of the resurrection.  The second is found in answer to the question, what does Israel’s baptism, Christ’s baptism, and your baptism all have in common?  The…