Sermons from October 2017

Sermons from October 2017

Full Time Ministry

Numbers 3 – This chapter explains how the Levites ended up being swapped out with the firstborn of Israel as God set aside holy servants for service to a Holy God, Moses and Aaron, and the needs of the congregation.  There is much parallel here between the role of the Levites and the current role of the  NT believer.  (Power Point)

At the Center of Everything

Numbers 2 – Seems like just simple instructions on where to make camp, how to break camp, where to get in line while marching but, there is more to it than that.  Come away from this message with an understanding that God isn’t just along for the ride, He is the central focus of the ride.    (Power Point)

Of God and Generals

Numbers 1 – In Numbers 1 Moses is instructed to take a census and it soon becomes apparent that the 70 who went to Egypt under Joseph’s protection have mushroomed into a nation.  How did Israel get here from there?  What are the factors that have contributed to such blessing?  More importantly, how do we get there from here? (Power Point) 

Flying over Numbers

Overview of the Book of Numbers Key Chapter – 14 We introduce the book of Numbers in this fly over and learn the key theme to the book.  We also take note of Paul’s use of events found in the book of Numbers to admonish and teach the Corithians. (Power Point)


John 18:1-9 – As the collision of the cross and Christ nears, Johns paints a picture of a man on a mission who is in complete control of every detail on the mission.  John will make it clear this is not an ambush; this is a charge.  This is not an accident; every detail is planned.  This is not defeat; it is a means to victory.    Come away from this message with a…