Sermons from April 2017

Sermons from April 2017


John 12:44-50 – This is the final public offer Christ makes to the masses before retiring to the upper room where He will teach His disciples and prepare for Passover.  This public offer shows the relentless love and passion of Christ for those lost in darkness.  Come away from this message convinced God desires you to have life.  (Power Point)   

The Glory of the Resurrection

John 12:20-33 – The most important thing to Jesus Christ was God’s glory.    In this message we will learn that our top priority can be no different.   This was preached on Resurrection Sunday because Christ glorified God in His death and suffering, God glorified Christ in His resurrection. (Power Point)


John 12:12-19 – This is the triumphal entry of Jesus Christ into Jerusalem.  We still celebrate it today as Palm Sunday, the Sunday before Easter Sunday.   In this message we are focusing on worshiping Christ as King in preparation for a Communion Service which we observed on this same Sunday.   (Power Point)