Sermons from October 2016

Sermons from October 2016

Going Somewhere?

John 7:25-36 – In this passage everybody is focused on where Jesus is from but nobody is understanding the more important question, where is He going?   Christ clearly teaches that He knew where He was going after He died.  He also makes clear that where He was, they could not come.  Yet later, He told his disciples that they could come be with Him.  This message…

Consistency, or the Lack Therof

John 7:14-24 – In this section an audience is amazed at the teaching of Jesus Christ.  How does He do what He does without any training?  It is an age old dilemma any time someone speaks.   What are people left thinking about, the message, or the messenger?  Christ answers that dilemma and steps out of the way so that all may see the message of the one who sent Him…

Unintended Consequences

John 11:45-54 – The High Priest of Israel at the time of Christ unintentionally makes a prophecy.  By virtue of his office, What he said, and what God intended by what he said are vastly different.  Come away from this message with a renewed appreciation of Christ as the our substitute.   (Power Point)