Sermons from June 2016

Sermons from June 2016

Something to Chew On

John 4:27-42 – In this passage Christ helps the disciples to understand His own priorities in life.  He clearly expected the disciples to model their priorities after His priorities.  In this message, learn what those priorities are and place yourself in the shoes of the disciples by trying to model your own priorities after His priorities.    (Power Point)

Worship Wars

John 4:19-26– What if you thought you knew how to worship only to discover you did not know how to worship?  How would you discover the problem, how would you know to correct the problem?  Come away from this message confident as God looks for the right kind of worshipers.  (Power Point)

The Good Shepherd

John 10:11-15 – It is not uncommon to find animals dying for humans.  The whole OT sacrificial system was based on this premise.  A human might die for another human, that happens sometimes.  Would it ever be right for a human to die for an animal?  Christ explores this theme in John 10:11-15 as the good shepherd who lays down his life for the sheep.  In this…