Sermons on Salvation

Sermons on Salvation


John 12:44-50 – This is the final public offer Christ makes to the masses before retiring to the upper room where He will teach His disciples and prepare for Passover.  This public offer shows the relentless love and passion of Christ for those lost in darkness.  Come away from this message convinced God desires you to have life.  (Power Point)   

The Doorway to Glory

John 10:1-10 –  What would it be like to have such a personal relationship with God it was if He treated you as one of His own flock.  Someone who cared for you as a shepherd would care for His sheep.  You too can have a personal relationship with your shepherd through Jesus Christ.  (Power Point)

Blind Faith, Part 2

John 9:8-34 – In this passage we see a man’s faith grow and it is very clear that not only did Christ open the  physical eyes of a blind man, but He also opened the eyes of His heart.  This man can clearly see who Christ is while the Pharisees continue to stumble in the darkness.  (Power Point)