Sermons on Communion

Sermons on Communion


John 18:1-9 – As the collision of the cross and Christ nears, Johns paints a picture of a man on a mission who is in complete control of every detail on the mission.  John will make it clear this is not an ambush; this is a charge.  This is not an accident; every detail is planned.  This is not defeat; it is a means to victory.    Come away from this message with a…


John 12:12-19 – This is the triumphal entry of Jesus Christ into Jerusalem.  We still celebrate it today as Palm Sunday, the Sunday before Easter Sunday.   In this message we are focusing on worshiping Christ as King in preparation for a Communion Service which we observed on this same Sunday.   (Power Point)

What is Truth

John 8:12-20 – The Pharisee’s accused Jesus of being a fake. What is truth?  How do we know what is true and what is false?  We need some type of an anchor, something you can put a stake in the ground and claim, “this is truth and I will give up everything I have to have this.”  Such certainty is made possible by God’s very nature, He is…

Unintended Consequences

John 11:45-54 – The High Priest of Israel at the time of Christ unintentionally makes a prophecy.  By virtue of his office, What he said, and what God intended by what he said are vastly different.  Come away from this message with a renewed appreciation of Christ as the our substitute.   (Power Point)

Changed Identities

John 8:233-28 – Christ warns the Pharisees that they will die in their sins if they continue on in unbelief.  What a terrible thought to “die in our sins.”  What provision has been made to escape this fate?  Come away from this message with the new hope of being “in Christ.”   (Power Point)

The Good Shepherd

John 10:11-15 – It is not uncommon to find animals dying for humans.  The whole OT sacrificial system was based on this premise.  A human might die for another human, that happens sometimes.  Would it ever be right for a human to die for an animal?  Christ explores this theme in John 10:11-15 as the good shepherd who lays down his life for the sheep.  In this…

Bread of Life

John 6:47-51 – Is there bread you can eat and live forever?  Christ very specifically says in this text “I am the living bread which came down from heaven. If anyone eats of this bread, he will live forever;…” (John 6:51, NKJV)  Come away from this message with a better understanding of what the bread is and how to eat it.  John 6.47 (Power Point Slides)