Sermons by Wayne Hart (Page 3)

Sermons by Wayne Hart (Page 3)


John 18:1-9 – As the collision of the cross and Christ nears, Johns paints a picture of a man on a mission who is in complete control of every detail on the mission.  John will make it clear this is not an ambush; this is a charge.  This is not an accident; every detail is planned.  This is not defeat; it is a means to victory.    Come away from this message with a…

Back to the Future

John 17:20-26 – In this passage Christ prays for disciples in the future.  Ultimately this passage has people like you and me in mind.  Somehow this prayer is important to Christ’s plan.  Something is a threat not to happen except Christ prayed that it would happen.  When all is said and done, what is it that Christ prayed would happen?  (Power Point)

Praying for You

John 17:1-19 – In this passage Christ ends his teaching time with the Disciples by praying.  He begins His prayer by praying for Himself.  Then He prays for His disciples.  As His disciples seek to carry out the mission assigned to them by Christ, they will face opposition.  The comforting thing is that Christ is praying for them.  The very things that would seek to…

In Jesus Name We Pray

John 16:23-33 – Much of our prayer life is very focused on our needs.  We need help; the battle around us is fierce; problems are bigger than us.  If that is to be the sole focus, then why do we pray in Jesus name?  Is it for the clout?  Come away from this message with a clearer understanding of why we end each prayer “in Jesus name.”  (Power Point)

The Comforter Has Come

John 16:1-15 – This passage makes clear that even though Christ was leaving them, they would not be alone and would not have to speak on their own.  Christ would still have a voice.  He will send the comforter who will bear witness of Christ, glorify Christ, and reveal to the disciples the words of Christ.  (Power Point)

The Circle of Hate

John 15:18-27 –  How will the world respond after the death and resurrection of Christ? Will the news of the resurrection so overpower that men will start clamoring to follow God?  Will there be a new shock and awe dynamic that causes people to fear God more?  In this conversation with His disciples Christ reveals that a struggle will continue.  Hatred for Christ…

The Circle of Love

John 15:9-17 – This passage speaks of something like a circle.  As love flows out from the father, to the Son, to the disciples, to each other and finally back to the father for John says in 1 John no man can say he loves God if he doesn’t also love his brother.  To put it another way, you can’t say you love Christ if you also don’t love…

More Fruit Please

John 15:1-8 (Part 2) – Now that the believer is connected to Christ, the vine , in such a vital way, God expects that the branches bear fruit, much fruit.  What did He mean, what does He have in mind?   This message surveys the NT looking for how this fruit manifests itself in the life of the believer and the early church.  (Power Point)