Sermons by Wayne Hart (Page 3)

Sermons by Wayne Hart (Page 3)

More Fruit Please

John 15:1-8 (Part 2) – Now that the believer is connected to Christ, the vine , in such a vital way, God expects that the branches bear fruit, much fruit.  What did He mean, what does He have in mind?   This message surveys the NT looking for how this fruit manifests itself in the life of the believer and the early church.  (Power Point)

Tell-Tale Marks

John 13:31-38 – In this passage there is a contrast between Christ leaving, and the disciples staying.  Despite Christ leaving, His continuing influence on their lives would be evident to all.  By application, we believe that Christ’s lasting influence on our lives needs to be obvious as well.    Learn what that influence looks like in this message.   (Power…


John 13:18-30 – Jesus is betrayed by a trusted friend in this passage.  When He is betrayed, he can empathize with King David who had a similar thing happen in Psalm 41.  Jesus does not want His disciples to loose heart so He takes steps to help them but Judas leaves the light and journey’s out into the night.    How did Judas become so vulnerable to…

The Glory of the Resurrection

John 12:20-33 – The most important thing to Jesus Christ was God’s glory.    In this message we will learn that our top priority can be no different.   This was preached on Resurrection Sunday because Christ glorified God in His death and suffering, God glorified Christ in His resurrection. (Power Point)