Sermons by Wayne Hart (Page 2)

Sermons by Wayne Hart (Page 2)


Numbers 10:1-10 – Hearing a Bugle blow Charge! or taps or reverie evokes a stirring of certain emotions and is a call to action.  God used trumpets in the same way in Numbers 10 and it is uncanny how God’s angels use trumpets to blow similar themes in the end times.  (Power Point)

The Cup of Communion

John 18:8-11 – Jesus refers to a cup in this section and the cup seems to be an experience that God has ordained and designed for Christ’s participation.  Drinking the cup seems to be Christ accepting the designed experience with all of it’s ramifications and effects.  In this message we explore an application:  Paul says communion is “The cup of…

Cloud by Day, Fire by Night

Numbers 9:15-23 – How easy would it be to live life and have every step directed by the Lord through some sign?  The nation of Israel gives testimony to the fact that such vision would prove to be a mirage.  Israel moved and camped at the direction of a cloud by day and a pillar of fire by night, yet when they spied out he land God was giving them, they became…

Beware of Passing Over the Passover

Numbers 9:1-14 – Moses receives additional instructions for a “make up” Passover for those who couldn’t participate the first time, as well as clarification for Gentile participation.  These additional instructions are not given however until Israel is first reminded to keep the Passover.  Why the reminder?  Israel had already been told to keep the…

Squeaky Clean

Numbers 8:1-26 – There were several “offerings” in the Old Testament.  There were sin offerings, burnt offerings, peace offerings, and wave offerings.  What was a wave offering?  In this message we illustrate the wave offering and see how it applies to actual lives and careers and the Christian.  (Power Point)


Numbers 7:1-89 – Twelve straight days of the same offerings by 12 different tribes of Israel is cause for great celebration and joy in the sight of God.   A good reminder to us that God takes delight in our obedience and service even if it is the same thing over and over.  (Power Point)

The Lord Bless You

Numbers 6:22-27 – If you have ever heard the expression, “The Lord Bless you and keep you…,”  this message explores its origin from Numbers 6:22-27.  It is the blessing the Lord commanded the priests to pronounce on Israel.  We wrap the message up by showing how it actually also has a Christmas application and can be heard again at Christmas. …