The Gospel of John (Page 3)

The Gospel of John (Page 3)


John 12:12-19 – This is the triumphal entry of Jesus Christ into Jerusalem.  We still celebrate it today as Palm Sunday, the Sunday before Easter Sunday.   In this message we are focusing on worshiping Christ as King in preparation for a Communion Service which we observed on this same Sunday.   (Power Point)

Does Jesus Care?

John 11:33-44 – In this scene everyone seems resigned to the fate of death.  Even Jesus sheds some tears in this scene but are the tears more for Lazarus who died or, for those yet living?  This message explores how Jesus is moved in His spirit against sin and the havoc.  Why isn’t anyone looking to Him at this time.  Is raising the dead out of the question? …

Oh, How He Loves You and Me

John 11:1-16 – Every once in a while you hear the story of someone who is miraculously saved from certain death.  For every story like that, there is the story of someone who does not survive.  How can a good God, and a God of love be God of both?  This is a key passage in John with a few answers to this quandary,  (Power Point)


John 10:11-21 – In this section the emphasis is on Christ as genuine.  He is the genuine good shepherd and His relationship with God is genuine.  His  relationship with the Father models the relationship He has with His sheep.  The same relationship He enjoys with the Father can be the same relationship you enjoy with God.   (Power Point)

The Doorway to Glory

John 10:1-10 –  What would it be like to have such a personal relationship with God it was if He treated you as one of His own flock.  Someone who cared for you as a shepherd would care for His sheep.  You too can have a personal relationship with your shepherd through Jesus Christ.  (Power Point)

Blind Faith, Part 2

John 9:8-34 – In this passage we see a man’s faith grow and it is very clear that not only did Christ open the  physical eyes of a blind man, but He also opened the eyes of His heart.  This man can clearly see who Christ is while the Pharisees continue to stumble in the darkness.  (Power Point)

Blind Faith

John 9:1-7 –  There are some tough questions that we struggle with and which desperately cry out for answers.  Why do certain people get sick, or, why are certain people born with birth defects?  After wrestling with it, there is a part of us that feels like there can’t possibly be a good answer.  So, immediately we look in the opposite direction.  There must…