Sermon Archive (Page 9)

Sermon Archive (Page 9)

The Bottom Line

John 5:31-47 – In Christ’s conversation with the Pharisees He has made it very clear that He is equal with God, so what God can do, Christ can do.   It wouldn’t mean much if He was the only one saying this, but there are 5 witnesses who bear this out.  Come away from this message impressed by the parade of witnesses who bear this out.  (Power Point)

Changed Identities

John 8:233-28 – Christ warns the Pharisees that they will die in their sins if they continue on in unbelief.  What a terrible thought to “die in our sins.”  What provision has been made to escape this fate?  Come away from this message with the new hope of being “in Christ.”   (Power Point)

Blind Rage

John 5:1-16 – This message is told through the eyes of a group of men who hate sinners and lawbreakers so much no one is safe from their self righteousness.  The law in question here is the Sabbath and, in their mind, the lawbreaker here is Christ.  Why did Christ heal the man on the Sabbath?  Why not avoid the controversy? What does He want us to know by what He…

From a Distance

John 4:43-54 – It is easier to trust God when you can see, can you trust Him when you can’t see?  Come away from this message encouraged by a certain nobleman’s faith which is put to the test.  It illustrates the type of faith God is looking for.   (Power Point)    

Something to Chew On

John 4:27-42 – In this passage Christ helps the disciples to understand His own priorities in life.  He clearly expected the disciples to model their priorities after His priorities.  In this message, learn what those priorities are and place yourself in the shoes of the disciples by trying to model your own priorities after His priorities.    (Power Point)

Worship Wars

John 4:19-26– What if you thought you knew how to worship only to discover you did not know how to worship?  How would you discover the problem, how would you know to correct the problem?  Come away from this message confident as God looks for the right kind of worshipers.  (Power Point)

The Good Shepherd

John 10:11-15 – It is not uncommon to find animals dying for humans.  The whole OT sacrificial system was based on this premise.  A human might die for another human, that happens sometimes.  Would it ever be right for a human to die for an animal?  Christ explores this theme in John 10:11-15 as the good shepherd who lays down his life for the sheep.  In this…